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Askme – The Bags You Are Eyeing Right Now?

Dear Purseholic J, Dee and F

Which are the bags you love at the moment and will buy at the first chance you could?


Hi Deborah

You got a very good question and we are very excited in answering it. Here you go:

J: Proenza Schouler PS1 L or XL in a shade of green

Yes, I know it is years late but the PS1 is a modern day classic now so it is just a matter of time that I have to get it. Price is USD1,995 for size L and USD2,350.

Dee: Fendi 2Jours Elite in Red

Saw it, touched it, smelled it, played with it, Can’t resist it. It will certainly be my next bag. Price is SGD2,905.

F: Goyard St Louis in green Goyardine Canvas

I know this is kinda lame and J owns one but lately quite a number of you have been asking me about Goyard St Louis and the more I look at it, the more I am more into it now than ever. I might just get one for myself.


Purseholic Folks

PS: Write to us at askme@purseholic.com

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Askme – Goyard Bags

From top: Goyard St Lucie, Goyard Saigon in GM and PM.

Hello Purseholic

I am planning to buy a set of Goyard bags for me and my husband, in the same color and personalize both with our initials on them. Both my husband and I are working in creative industry and we both want special pieces for ourselves. I am consdering the Boeing 35 for myself and Ambassade for my husband, both in red canvas but I might have missed out other good designs from Goyard. Since there is limited info on Goyard bags, may i have your suggestion?

Irene, NYC

Hey Irene

If you both plan to use the bags for work then you have made the right choices with Boeing 35 and Ambassade for both you and your hubby. However, if you really want something special, I would recommend going with the Saigon for yourself and St Lucie for your hubby. I think both bags fit your creative nature better. Anyway, with Goyard, you should never stop at one each. You could always buy more later.

Write to us at askme@purseholic.com

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My Own Goyard St Louis PM

It is the most basic and simplest of Goyard bags but it showcases the core values of Goyard: heritage, unparalled craftsmanship and attention to details. Goyard Malletier, the French luxury trunk maker was established in 1853, a year older than the venerable Louis Vuitton. Having shared similar heritage and number of years in the business, strangely the two brands could not have been any more different: While Louis Vuitton is now the biggest luxurious brand in the world that makes thousands of bags, luggage and bags annually and serve customers from the celebrities, aristocrats, politicians, business people to the Beckhams, Donald Trump and the Kardashians (basically whoever can pay), Goyard on the other hand, is a closely guarded secret, adored only by the likes of the royal families or style inner circle like Karl Lagerfeld and Simon Doonan. Over the recent years, the brand has enjoyed some exposure from celebrities like Hillary Duff and Shania Twain but still, it is nowhere as visible as Louis Vuitton.

The main thing about Goyard is its Goyardine canvas. Til date, the signature canvas remains painstakingly painted by hand as opposed to being printed like in the case of Vuitton Monogram or Damier Canvas. The Goyardine canvas is available in 10 choices of colors, including the classic black, red and brown and the limited edition colors such as my favorite green and blue. They are as light and water-resistant as Vuitton canvases.

Goyard does not sell their goods online or puts any catalog online. Every sale must be serviced directly by one of their sales assistants and therefore, only direct visit to one of the 9 Goyard stores all over the world or email service are available. The store manager of their flagship store at 233 Rue Saint Honore in Paris, Monsieur Erich, is very helpful and is contactable at 233@goyard.com. He will be more than happy to answer your queries on product availability and prices for your desired item, personalization services and international express shipping.

The price for the St Louis PM like the one I have here is EUR680. I have a feeling this is just a beginning of my long lasting love affair with the house of Goyard.

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Askme – What after Hermes Bags?

Hi Purseholic

I am a bag addict and have just bought my Hermes Birkin and Kelly (both together at the same time) and I love them both. I know that Hermes rules the handbags universe and the Birkin and Kelly rule Hermes bags so what is there after Hermes? I don’t want to lose my life passion after this, if you get what I mean?


Hi Purseholic Sisca

Congratulations on your Hermes purchases. You must be thrilled! I wish I could tell you that once you own both Birkin and Kelly, you are set and you will no longer need any other bag in your life but if you are truly a bag addict, like what you claimed to be, there is never a bag purchase to stop you from buying the next one. They might make your more selective from here on and leave you play only with bags of comparable quality and prestige but they will NEVER stop you, unfortunately or otherwise, depending on what you fear.

What is there after Hermes Birkin and Kelly? There are Birkins and Kellys in other colors, ostrich and Croc Porosus with diamond-paved platinum hardware. How about bags created by Hermes just for you and named Hermes Sisca (You heard me right!)?

Taking Hermes off the table,  the hottest bag designers come and go every season too. This season, I am into Jil Sander, Victoria Beckham and the classic Goyard bags. I was into Prada and Reed Krakoff bags last season, Balenciaga and Valentino bags the season before. So you see – as much as you wish the twin purchase would stop you forever from buying another bag, the best  they do is just to slow you down (which is good enough). Give yourself two years, at most and you will feel like yourself again. =)

PS: Those Goyard trunks in the picture on top? They all belong to Karl Lagerfeld. Simon Doonan of Barneys  (above) is known to be a big fan of Goyard too, seen here with customized Goyard Ambassade.

Images are courtesy of ilovegoyard.blogspot.com

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