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Askme – Prada Galleria Bag vs YSL Cabas ChYc Bag

Hi Purseholic

I am a big fan of big bags, especially in red color. I am looking to purchase either the Prada Galleria bag or the YSL Cabas ChYc bag, both in the large size. Which one do you recommend more?

Gillian, Singapore

Hi Gillian

Big bags are absolutely gorgeous, especially in red color so I have to say that you do have good taste in bags. Between the two, I am slightly (really just slightly) more inclined to the Prada Galleria bag, simply because the Saffiano leather really brings out the red color and it does look super classy. The YSL Cabas ChYc is of course a great bag to own too so you can’t really go wrong with either one of them.

J Purseholic

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