The Row Day Lux Bag

Being one of the most prominent figures in fashion, the Olsen twins must have thought that they could come up and get away with anything they design at any price. While bags from The Row have been high on my watch-list, it does not make much sense to me having to pay EUR4,000 for this Day Lux bag. Does it look somewhat familiar to you? Yep, it does resemble the Fendi Twin tote that was relaunched a few years back thanks to the Olsen twins being spotted with their vintage version. The Fendi Twin tote is priced only slightly more than a quarter of this Day Lux bag for the same calfskin version. I believe you could get the snakeskin version EUR4,000 or less. Compared to the Fendi twin, it is a case of bad pricing, I say.

Image is courtesy of Colette Paris

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