My Own Goyard St Louis PM

It is the most basic and simplest of Goyard bags but it showcases the core values of Goyard: heritage, unparalled craftsmanship and attention to details. Goyard Malletier, the French luxury trunk maker was established in 1853, a year older than the venerable Louis Vuitton. Having shared similar heritage and number of years in the business, strangely the two brands could not have been any more different: While Louis Vuitton is now the biggest luxurious brand in the world that makes thousands of bags, luggage and bags annually and serve customers from the celebrities, aristocrats, politicians, business people to the Beckhams, Donald Trump and the Kardashians (basically whoever can pay), Goyard on the other hand, is a closely guarded secret, adored only by the likes of the royal families or style inner circle like Karl Lagerfeld and Simon Doonan. Over the recent years, the brand has enjoyed some exposure from celebrities like Hillary Duff and Shania Twain but still, it is nowhere as visible as Louis Vuitton.

The main thing about Goyard is its Goyardine canvas. Til date, the signature canvas remains painstakingly painted by hand as opposed to being printed like in the case of Vuitton Monogram or Damier Canvas. The Goyardine canvas is available in 10 choices of colors, including the classic black, red and brown and the limited edition colors such as my favorite green and blue. They are as light and water-resistant as Vuitton canvases.

Goyard does not sell their goods online or puts any catalog online. Every sale must be serviced directly by one of their sales assistants and therefore, only direct visit to one of the 9 Goyard stores all over the world or email service are available. The store manager of their flagship store at 233 Rue Saint Honore in Paris, Monsieur Erich, is very helpful and is contactable at 233@goyard.com. He will be more than happy to answer your queries on product availability and prices for your desired item, personalization services and international express shipping.

The price for the St Louis PM like the one I have here is EUR680. I have a feeling this is just a beginning of my long lasting love affair with the house of Goyard.

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