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Dear Purseholic

What brands would you recommend for high quality, luxurious bags that are not Gucci, Prada, LV, Hermes, Chanel and Fendi? I know you have been recommending a lot of YSL, Tod’s and Loewe bags lately but are there other luxury brands out there with comparable workmanship and luxury but less known and common so I do not have to pay thousands of Dollars just to have someone else run into me with the same bag?

Monica, HK

Hi Monica

Have you heard of Akris and VBH? Both houses make great quality bags and I bet at least 8 out of 10 persons you know would not buy their bags yet at this moment. VBH was founded by Vernon Bruce Hoeksema who was once a top guy in Valentino and is the reigning Creative Director at the 230-year-old British luxury house, Asprey (another brand worth looking into). Akris on the other hand, is a Swiss luxury company founded in 1922 which clothes have been selling for decades and even more over the past 10 years in the US upscale department stores such as Bergfdorf and Neiman Marcus. Other brands worth looking into are the classic British Asprey and the Italian Valextra.

From left: VBH Villager Python (USD5,250), VBH Brera (USD3,250) and VBH Corda Python (USD1,750)

Do take note that most bags from these brands are not for the weak wallets. Expect the price range to be not too far from the likes of Chanel and Hermes despite their apparent less brand awareness in the market but if quality, rarity and classic quality is what you are looking for. Those are the brands to go.

From left: Akris AI Medium (USD4,400), Akris Alba Small (USD2,490), Akris Allegra Medium (USD2,490)

J Purseholic

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Images are courtesy of Neiman Marcus

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