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Hi Purseholic

I am buying my first real designer handbags (a bag and a clutch) and would like to get from respected brands but ones that do not scream logos all over. My budget is not over S$5000 for both. I like bags from Hermes but they are beyond my budget. Are bags from YSL and Dior good bet?


Hi Melissa

I applaud you for acknowledging the importance of buying a clutch as well as a bag as it shows that you know that is definitely NOT OK to bring a big bag to an evening event even if it is a Million Dollar bag. Having said that, given your generous budget for a first bags (I wish I had that amount for my first), you are in for many sweet deals.

From left: Celine luggage bag, Tod’s restyled D bag and Loewe Amazona bag

I assume you are working so your bag has to go from work to play seamlessly. If you want cool designer bags with the same vein as of Hermes’, I say you go with Celine, Tod’s or Loewe. The Celine luggage bag in small would be perfect for daily bag and it a classic, alongside the Tod’s restyled D bag and the Loewe Amazona. These bags are now available in many varieties of  size, material and color and I have featured pictures of the bags in action above. You could get one of these babies under SGD3,000 in Singapore. Do choose a darker shade of colors so it could be a keeper.

YSL chYc Clutch

As for the clutch, with almost SGD2,000 budget to spare, there are plenty choices to choose from. YSL has been making great clutches lately and my sis bought one in hot lipstick red shade a few months back. The chYc clutch is a great choice if you like something classic with a touch of chicness, as the name suggests.  It is priced slightly under SGD1,000 at Saks.com before shipping but should be over one grand in Singapore boutique. Alternatively, the classic Ferragamo Gancini clutch is also a sure-win bet.

Do not refrain from buying online if the price is better significantly even after shipping and the 7% GST. If you make your choices carefully, you might still end up with over one grand to spare. I suggest you put that extra money into a Louis Vuitton Speedy or Neverfull in Damier Canvas Ebene (since you are avoiding logo screams). It will work well under wet days and when you want a lightweight, low-maintenance bag for a change.

Happy shopping!

J Purseholic

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Images are courtesy of Saks, Louis Vuitton

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