Michael Michael Kors Dillon Croc Stamp Tote

Michael Kors Dillon MIchael Kors Dillon Croc Stamp Bag

The accessibility of Michael Michael Kors bags might have hurt its desirability in a way. There is however, no denying that it still consistently churns out beautiful bags with price tags that do not burn a big hole in our pockets. This new addition to the vast bag collection, the Dillon is a good example of how a well executed croc stamp could add dimensions to an otherwise very simple bag design. Priced at USD398, it will be an excellent Christmas or Chinese New Year gift.

Images are courtesy of Michael Kors

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Gucci Ramble Reversible Tote

Gucci Ramble Reversible Tote GG USD1750Gucci Ramble Reversible Tote USD1750Gucci Ramble Reversible Tote Leather USD2650Gucci Ramble Reversible Tote Python USD3900

 A simple leather tote bag has been on my mind recently and this new number from Gucci seems to have come just in time. I love it when I pay for one bag and get two so this Gucci Ramble Reversible tote is a serious bag to be considered. Price of the tote starts from USD1,750 for the leather + GG Canvas version, USD2,600 for the two-ply contrasting color leather version and USD3,900 for the python + leather version. This bag reminds me a little of Hermes Double Sens but the size, the extra cross body strap and the price makes this Gucci bag a rare winner against that Hermes option. Each bag also comes with a removable drawstring canvas pouch that is extra handy. I am just hoping Gucci would make this in more colors or provide custom service to allow its customers to choose the combination they prefer, leather or canvas types and colors.

Images are courtesy of Gucci

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Louis Vuitton Damier Cobalt Greenwich Tote

Louis Vuitton Greenwich Tote Damier Cobalt

The Greenwich travel bag is one of Louis Vuitton iconic and classic designs. I always love re-interpretation of a classic to serve different purpose. While the classic Greenwich design might have become a little too bulky and boxy for an airline compartment, this Greenwich tote still managed to capture the silhouette of classic piece yet resulting in a bag good enough for daily and even business use. It is a sleek, handsome, classic yet not boring looking bag. The Greenwich tote is made exclusively only in the new Damier Cobalt now. Price is USD2,370.

Image is courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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Coach Gramercy Satchel

Coach Gramercy Satchel SGD1375

Coach Gramercy Satchel RedCoach Mini Gramercy SGD825

Charles Caleb Colton once said that “Imitation is the sincerest [form] of flattery”. While I am not sure that the object of that flattery will always be able to appreciate a flattery of this form, I say the difference between a poser and an acceptable imitation lies with the execution. There is no secret that this bag bears at least 98% resemblance to a certain iconic bag which was named after a toddler’s favorite game from an Italian label whose name is synonymous and starts with the same letter as “Fur”. Coming from Coach, however, I have to say it is somewhat acceptable or excusable.

First of all, the Gramercy bag looks good, especially the one with croc embossed leather. Secondly, the prices are really tempting starting from SGD825 for the mini size, SGD995 for the standard size in smooth leather to SGD1,375 in croc emboss and SGD1,950 in printed calf hair. Thirdly, Coach managed to infuse its own classic design elements such as the classic turnlock and metal logo onto the bag, making it looking like a bonafide Coach “original” design. Lastly, this bag does not reveal an exciting or surprising lining, which is the main concept the bag which design the Gramercy is emulating so it is not exactly copying.

I am not defending this bag but I think if you like the shape and design of this bag and could not or do not want to part with at least SGD3,000 then this Coach bag might just be a good bag to buy.

Images are courtesy of Coach

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Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag

Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag Tricolor Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag Tricolor Small

One bag has slowly re-emerged and been gaining the popularity it deserves and it is the Valentino Rockstud Double Handle Bag. This bag was somewhat overshadowed by the popularity of other Rockstud bags from Valentino itself or other bags with Wings last year, it did not quite know where to fit it. For Fall/Winter 14-15, the bag has been made available in tricolor options. On paper, tricolor with studs might sound overly much. In reality, it is dreamy. Price is USD2,060 for smaller size and USD2,240 for the larger size. Head to Valentino.com or the nearest Valentino store for the choice of colors.

Images are courtesy of Valentino

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Giorgio Armani Runway Flap Bag

Giorgio Armani Runway Bag

When it comes to It bags, Giorgio Armani might not have been the first place to look for one. Sleek suits and glamorous evening gowns have dominated the brand’s product catalog for so long, the probability of an Armani bag making headline is way less than Merryl Streep not getting an Oscar nomination in any role she plays.

I first came across this structured, gorgeous, sleek looking top handle GA bag last month on a magazine and could not stop thinking about it. The bag was first seen on the Armani Fall 2014 fashion show and it was spotted carried by quite a number of bonafide Spring 2015 fashion week attendees last month.

Besides the large Kelly-like option, the bag is also available in smaller boxy shape and shoulder bag option. Price is USD1,640 for the small boxy and shoulder bag and USD2,005 for the large one. I think this bag has a very good potential to be a GA classic piece. With a few tuning such as adding on shoulder strap and making them in more color and size options, we might just see the emergence of a Giorgio Armani signature bag.

Image is courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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Burberry Dewsbury Grain Leather Tote Bag

Burberry Dewsbury Grain Leather Bag

This might just be the least Burberry-looking Burberry bag that I like the most this year. I have seen the bag in person in black, red and grey and this blue one is just equally stunning. The design is of a rather odd shape, not too odd to make it weird looking and odd enough to make it somewhat unique yet still classic. Measuring 34cm with a detachable shoulder strap, I think this is a strong candidate for a subtle everyday bag from a rather unusual suspect, which is still an established brand. Price is USD1,695 at Reebonz.com now and there is only one piece left. If you miss it, head to Burberry store for other colors available.

Image is courtesy of Reebonz.com.

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