MCM Double-Zip Tote VS Louis Vuitton W Bag

Louis Vuitton W Small Bag MCM Two-Zip Tote Bag

Fancy the Louis Vuitton W bag but can’t bear parting with over SGD5,500? The MCM double-zip tote bag might be your quick fix. While not the exact substitute, the design of this bag is quite similar to the W itself. Besides, the MCM canvas seems to be the trendy thing to carry nowadays. Priced at SGD950 at Saks, it is practically only one-fifth of the W bag price tag.

Images are courtesy of Saks and Louis Vuitton

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Be Dior Flap Bag

Be Dior TricolorBe Dior BicolorBe Dior Croco

First spotted on Dior RTW Fall 2014 runway is the all new Be Dior Flap bag that features a flap and single handle and a detachable shoulder strap. The bag held its candle well alongside the iconic Lady Dior new variations and Diorissimo and was warmly received hence making its way to the Dior stores soon. Be Dior will be available in two sizes – small and medium. Price starts from USD4,400 for size small and USD4,900 for size large. Single handle handbags with flap seem to be getting more popular and one from Dior surely won’t disappoint.

Images are courtesy of style.com.

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Stella McCartney Cavendish Star Boston Bag

 Kate Moss for Stella McCartney Cavendish Star Boston Bag  Stella McCartney Cavendish Stars Faux Napa Boston Tote

I saw the Kate Moss for Stella McCartney Winter 2014 campaign visual featuring a gorgeous red bag with big yellow stars yesterday and it has stuck with me since then. The bag reminds me of a pattern we see on a wizard’s robe or hat in story books, which gels well with Stella’s whimsical them for the season.

I have always admired Stella’s work for her namesake label bag collection but I have not come across a piece that I would want to own myself, until this one. Never mind the bag costs USD1,595 for a faux-leather bag (that means fake leather, if you don’t already know). This is a statement piece of the season! I just hope it is made of material as durable as the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas or something so it does not peel off or crack after a few seasons or smells like rubber. Other than that, I am all love with this bag. This bag is now available for pre-order at Neiman Marcus.

Image is courtesy of Stella McCartey and Neiman Marcus

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Prada Double-Flap Bag

 Prada Double-Flap BagPrada Double-Flap Bag Side

Prada is quick to leverage the success of its Double Tote Bag and has come up with a dressier or more formal version of the bag. Still carrying the same spirit and attention to details as the Double tote bag, the double-flap bag comes with leather lining and two compartments with their own flaps. Unlike the tote though, the bag comes with a single handle and shoulder strap, making it a suitable choice for either work or evening version, especially in smaller size. While the one and only thing I love about the Double tote bag is its craftsmanship, this double-flap is aesthetically highly appealing too. Lastly, the presence of a detachable shoulder strap is also a big plus. This is yet another Prada bag to lust over this season. Price starts from USD2,650 for Saffiano version and USD3,700 for smooth calf version. The bag is already available in and a lot on the window display in many different colors and sizes in Prada ION Singapore.

Images are courtesy of Neiman Marcus

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Exclusive Fendi Peekaboo for Net-a-Porter

Fendi Peekaboo for Net-a-porter

I love the Fendi Peekaboo! While I do not appreciate the oversized men’s Peekaboo, I am all about the large size of the traditional Peekaboo, especially in the smooth stiff calf leather that looks like Hermes Box. The price for such Peekaboo is SGD4,710 in Singapore but it opens to a boring suede lining, which is kind of counter exciting for this bag. As one of the largest online retailer, net-a-porter has been getting exclusive pieces made only for its customers and Fendi has come up with one exciting Peekaboo this season. While the exterior of the bag is all classic black leather, it opens to luxurious printed calf hair panel, topped with none other than the irresistible buggie eyes. Priced at USD5,100, this is one Peekaboo worth investing in.

Image is courtesy of Net-a-Porter.com.

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MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Traveler

 Michael Michael Kors Hamilton TravelerMichael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Traveler

Trends come and go but some do stay and become classic, just like wing bags. MICHAEL Michael Kors has long become the champion in purveying awesome and trendy looking bags that don’t break our bank and for that we love them. The Hamilton bag is the first classic bag of the label and has been one of their best sellers too, obviously. Aside from the MK padlock, this large traveler version comes across to me as more Celine Luggage look-alike than the Hamilton itself. Then again, as a fan of the Celine Luggage, I won’t complain. After all, it is hard to beat the USD398 price tag on this gorgeous looking bag.

Images are courtesy of Michael Kors

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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Napa Boxy Crossbody Bag

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Boxy Crossbody

With the success of boxy crossbody bags like Hermes Constance, Celine Box and Saint Laurent Monogram Universite bag, it is about time Bottega Veneta comes up with its version. The bag is exactly like what I have imagined it would be and with a reasonable price tag too. At HKD12,800, which will slightly be above SGD2,000, it will be a bag I am thinking of next for its simplicity and functionality. Three colors are available on the web catalog at the moment – classic black, signal blue and sun orange.

Image is courtesy of Bottega Veneta

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