Exclusive Fendi Peekaboo for Net-a-Porter

Fendi Peekaboo for Net-a-porter

I love the Fendi Peekaboo! While I do not appreciate the oversized men’s Peekaboo, I am all about the large size of the traditional Peekaboo, especially in the smooth stiff calf leather that looks like Hermes Box. The price for such Peekaboo is SGD4,710 in Singapore but it opens to a boring suede lining, which is kind of counter exciting for this bag. As one of the largest online retailer, net-a-porter has been getting exclusive pieces made only for its customers and Fendi has come up with one exciting Peekaboo this season. While the exterior of the bag is all classic black leather, it opens to luxurious printed calf hair panel, topped with none other than the irresistible buggie eyes. Priced at USD5,100, this is one Peekaboo worth investing in.

Image is courtesy of Net-a-Porter.com.

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MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Large Traveler

 Michael Michael Kors Hamilton TravelerMichael Michael Kors Hamilton Large Traveler

Trends come and go but some do stay and become classic, just like wing bags. MICHAEL Michael Kors has long become the champion in purveying awesome and trendy looking bags that don’t break our bank and for that we love them. The Hamilton bag is the first classic bag of the label and has been one of their best sellers too, obviously. Aside from the MK padlock, this large traveler version comes across to me as more Celine Luggage look-alike than the Hamilton itself. Then again, as a fan of the Celine Luggage, I won’t complain. After all, it is hard to beat the USD398 price tag on this gorgeous looking bag.

Images are courtesy of Michael Kors

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Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Napa Boxy Crossbody Bag

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Nappa Boxy Crossbody

With the success of boxy crossbody bags like Hermes Constance, Celine Box and Saint Laurent Monogram Universite bag, it is about time Bottega Veneta comes up with its version. The bag is exactly like what I have imagined it would be and with a reasonable price tag too. At HKD12,800, which will slightly be above SGD2,000, it will be a bag I am thinking of next for its simplicity and functionality. Three colors are available on the web catalog at the moment – classic black, signal blue and sun orange.

Image is courtesy of Bottega Veneta

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Loewe Amazona 75

Loewe Amazona 75 Standard Loewe Amazona 75 LargeLoewe Amazona 75 Extra Large

Under the new CD, the cool and genius (not to mention sexy) JW Anderson, Loewe is launching its new collection in Singapore later this month. While there are many other bags and accessories in the collection to lure your purse, I would like to zoom into the icon of the house, the Amazona bag for now. The new Amazona bag is going to be called Amazona 75, with 75 referring to the year the Amazona was first born. The Amazona 75 will be available in 3 sizes – standard (29cm), large (37cm) and extra large (46cm). It fixes the main shortcoming of the previous Amazona – the absence of shoulder strap while keeping almost everything we love about the bag intact with slight alteration on its shape.

Now the verdict: Do I like this better than the previous Amazona? Not really, but I do not dislike this either. If you also notice, the Anagram logo has also been slightly tweaked and I am also borderline about it. Price of the Amazona starts from SGD3,990 to SGD4,590 and SGD4,790 for size large and extra large respectively to SGD33,490 for the croco version of the bag. I really think JW Anderson is playing it rather safe this round. Hope to see more pleasant surprises next time, something I know he is capable of delivering.

Images are courtesy of Loewe

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Black Edition Delvaux Brillant – Les Humeurs de Brillant (In the Mood of Brillant)

Delvaux Brillant humeur_humourDelvaux humeur_audaceDelvaux humeur_creation

Delvaux humeur_excellenceDelvaux humeur_reveDelvaux humeur_singularite

Delvaux humeur_belgitudeDelvaux humeur_savoir-faireDelvaux humeur_tradition

Another bag that has lingered in my mind from my trip to Paris last month is none other than one of the nine Black Edition Delvaux Brillant bags that I saw in Le Bon Marche. L’Humour, which basically is an extra large black Brillant with a comical writing ‘ceci n’est pas un delvaux’ (meaning ‘This is not a Delvaux’) is a cool juxtaposition against the very classic and iconic shape of the bag.

Top row, from left: L’Humour, L’Audace, La Création.

Mid row, from left: L’Excellence, Le Rêve, La Singularité.

Bottom row, from left: La Belgitude, Le Savoir-faire, La Tradition.

I personally like L’Humour, La Belgitude and L’Audace the most but aren’t all the nine of them work of art in their own rights? While you might not be able to buy each and every one of these limited edition pieces, the Brillant is available at Barneys from USD3,290 (size mini) onwards. Here are the sizes available and their starting prices: Brillant Mini (20x27x11cm) from USD3,290, Brillant MM (28x36x14 cm) from USD4,665, Brillant GM (36x44x19 cm) from USD5,600, Brillant Black Edition (36x47x 20 cm), estimated from USD7,000 and above.

Images are courtesy of Delvaux

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Gucci Fall/Winter 2014 Soft Jackie Bags

Joan Smalls Gucci FW2014Natasha Poly Gucci FW2014Anja Rubik Gucci FW2014

Gucci has been busy with its Bamboo icon over the past few seasons and the recent Diamante emboss leather collection in bright colors. For Fall/Winter 2014, I am loving the gorgeous campaign shots for the newly updated Jackie bags. It doesn’t get any better than having three supermodels with the three new reinterpretation of yet another Gucci icon, the Jackie bag, does it?

From left, Joan Smalls looks fierce with the oversize Soft Jackie Tote (starts from USD2,990), while Natasha Poly looks effortlessly classy with the oversize Soft Jackie Hobo (starts from USD2,990) and Anja Rubik looks incredibly stunning with the Soft Jackie Flap bag (starts from USD2,350). Each of the bag is also available in more luxurious materials like Python and Croco that runs up to stunning USD31,000 price tag.

Now, I love the campaign shots but I have not decided on whether I love the bags. I don’t dislike them at all for sure but for some reason, these newly updated Jackie bags do not appeal to me the same way as how Gucci bags used to anymore. Does it still hold the same effect on you?

Images are courtesy of Gucci

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Louis Vuitton Marly Epi

Vuitton Marly MM FuchsiaLouis Vuitton Marly BB Figue

Introducing the newest bag from Louis Vuitton Epi collection, the Marly in size MM and BB. The bag design is sleek and sharp with roomy bottom, making it a perfect material for daily bag. The Marly is made only in Epi leather, one of the most iconic and beloved Louis Vuitton leathers and opens to two compartments with one zip flat compartment in the middle of the bag for precious belongings. Price of the bag is USD2,810 for the size MM and USD2,350 for the size BB. I see this as a good alternative to the iconic Alma and I am glad to see a new design for the Epi collection. Given the fact that the Epi is an original Vuitton creation and that the price point of the bags in this collection is still relatively reasonable, I think it will be one of their new best sellers.

Images are courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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