Givenchy Pandora Pure

Givenchy Pandora Flap 2 Givenchy Pandora Flap

I am almost losing count on the many versions of the Pandora bag Givenchy has come up with and it released again another variation called Pandora Pure. Is this the most exciting Pandora the French label has come up with? Not at all but having said that, it still is quite a user-friendly variation of the Pandora with the zip compartment, plenty of space and detachable shoulder strap. The Pandora Pure is available in two sizes – Small and Medium and price starts from USD2,346. Check out the different options available at net-a-porter.com.

Images are courtesy of net-a-porter.com.

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Christmas 2014 Sale – Burberry

A short lunch trip to Orchard earlier today reveals that the Christmas 2014 and year-end sale has kicked off for some brands. Here are some items from Burberry that I covet and might just become your best Christmas gift idea.

For Him: IPad Case (SGD850 SGD510), House Check Trainer (SGD575 SGD345), Burberry Brit Lightweight Short Trench Coat (SGD1,450 SGD870)

  Burberry iPad Case 510Burberry Check Trainer 345Burberry Short Trench Coat 870

For Her: Burberry House Check Flat (SGD650 SGD390), Burberry Prorsum Grain Leather Bag (SGD2,795 SGD1,956.50), Burberry Brit Short Trench Coat (SGD950 SGD665)

  Burberry House Check FlatBurberry Prorsum Grain Leather Bag 1957Burberry Brit Short Trench 665

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Charlotte Simone Bon-Bon Bag

Charlotte Simone BonBon Shearling Bag

Most well known for her fur scarves, Charlotte Simone roped in stylist Kyle De’volle to come up with her very first bag. The bag is true to the designer’s heritage, which is fur wear. The Bon-Bon bag is a fluffy, hug-able, statement making bag that is suitable for parties or just an outing with your friends. One more thing I love about this bag is its price. At GBP150 or USD200, I feel like recommending 4 to every girl or woman. Why 4? It comes in 4 different colors – pink, light blue, lilac and dusty grey. Get it from http://www.net-a-porter.com or http://www.charlottesimone.com.

Image is courtesy of net-a-porter.

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Charlotte Simone

Christmas Gift Ideas – Burberry Bag Charms

Burberry Bag Charms

Burberry surely knows how to tap on its British icons such as the Big Ben, Red Bus, Guardsman and Policeman and make them into charming bag charms. Bag charms have been in the market for a while and Louis Vuitton and Hermes have been the dominant players until Fendi came about with the Bag Bugs and Karlito. The good thing about bag charm is their are relatively affordable compared to a new bag but its effect could make an old bag looking charming new. The Burberry charms start from SGD280.

Image is courtesy of Burberry

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Kim Kardashian with Hermes Herbag by North West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West head to an office building in Los Angeles, CA

Kim Kardashian has been spotted carrying an Hermes Herbag 31 that has been painted by her baby North West. I personally like the idea of having a canvas bag like this personalized. I also love the fact that the bag Kim is carrying was done by baby North. Granted that it is nowhere near professional but it carries a special meaning. Kim also looks stunning beautiful in this photo. I think she is now the most beautiful she has ever been after becoming a mother. Will you ever let your kid “create” a personalized luxury handbag for yourself? It is always a gamble but isn’t that going to be one of the bags you might cherish the most?

Image is NOT owned by Purseholic

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Mulberry #WinChristmas Promo Video

Mulberry Bayswater in HibiscusMulberry made a very bold and ballsy Christmas Promo Video titled #winchristmas. The concept that a Mulberry Bayswater bag as a gift won over a unicorn (really?) and a puppy might be a little far fetched but it is pretty entertaining and well executed. Watch it yourself here and judge for yourself. A true Purseholic might really find a gift of a handbag to be more thrilling than anything else but are you still going to be that exciting over a Mulberry Bayswater? I know I am not but there are surely other bags that might trump a Unicorn for me. Price of the Bayswater starts from GBP995.

Image is courtesy of Mulberry

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Saint Laurent Studded Moujik

Saint Laurent Studded Moujik

TGIF! I am going to kick off the weekend with the most awesome bag I have come across this week and it is from none other than Saint Laurent. If you ask me which mega label has the best bag collection right now, I would definitely point you to Saint Laurent. The Sac de Jour has become the bag of the moment, there is no doubt about it but I have loved the Moujik since its debut and I just grow fonder every day. Look at how insanely gorgeous this bag is! Price is USD4,390 at Farfetch.com and it is currently only available in size medium. Let’s hope the smaller size follow suit in this design too.

Image is courtesy of Ferfetch.com.

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Saint Laurent Paris, YSL