Dior Spring 2015 – It is a Boxy World

Dior Spring 2015 cDior Spring 2015 aDior Spring 2015 f

Dior Spring 2015 e Dior Spring 2015 dDior Spring 2015 b

It is boxy, sharp, structured with chain handles and leather strap. Let’s put it out there, shall we? This is Dior’s answer to Chanel Boy bag. The thing about Dior though is unlike Chanel Boy, they still look feminine and elegant, more than the Boy itself so it might not really eat into the Boy potential market.

Images are courtesy of Vogue UK

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Hermes Sac Roulis

 Hermes Sac RoulisHermes Sac Roulis Inside

One of the most underrated Hermes bags is the Sac Roulis. A worthy and more discreet alternative to the Hermes Constance, this bag is as hard or even harder to get than the Hermes Constance itself. The Hermes website has been quite generous with its online catalog lately so when I came across this available online, I know I need to post it for everyone’s sake. Price of the Sac Roulis is EUR4,600. It is in no way a cheap bag but still quite a steal compared to a Constance. On the French online catalog now, the Sac Roulis is available only in one size (24cm x 21cm x 7.5cm) and in Blue Tempete Fjord.

Images are courtesy of Hermes

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Les Petits Joueurs Alex Bag

  Les Petits Joueurs Alex Love RainbowLes Petits Joueurs Marina Navy

Les Petits Joueurs Lolita BlackLes Petits Joueurs Love Black Widow

Most of us have, at one point of time in our lives, loved Lego. There is just something about the various colors, shapes and sizes that create unlimited possibilities. When fashion and Lego collides, beautiful things such as bags from Les Petits Joueurs are the result. It is clear from what we have been seeing on the runways lately that people are taking fashion more lightly and in more fun manners, the way they are supposed to be. Everything playful pieces from Moschino and Chanel to the Fendi Bag Bugs are just undeniable indications that fashion today should look fun. Look at a Les Petits Joueurs bag and it clearly is a fun piece to own. It is also all about Love, which happens to be the tagline of the label but make no mistake because these fun pieces are also incredibly well made in Italy. We all love our Hermes Kelly or Fendi Peekaboo or Saint Laurent Moujik but if you are looking for a bag with similar design that is more fun, at EUR860, Les Petits Joueurs is a clear winner. Just choose the one that appeals most to the child in you.

Images are courtesy of Les Petits Joueurs

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Les Petits Joueurs

Saint Laurent Universite Bag

Saint-Laurent-Pre-fall-2014-Ad-Campaign-Croc-Bag-600x798Saint Laurent Universite Bag

Saint Laurent Universite Bag $1990Saint Laurent Universite Small

Saint Laurent is without any doubt one of my favorite brands now. And it is not only me. My family is so much in love with what the brand has come up with, we collectively have bought more Saint Laurent pieces than any other this year. For Fall/Winter 2014, Saint Laurent is clearly putting its Universite bag up front. There is nothing not to love really about this bag. It is sleek, chic and highly functional at the same time. I love Celine Box and Hermes Constance a lot and now like what it has been doing for Chanel, Celine and Hermes bags over the past two years, this bag is giving the other brands yet another run for their good money.

The Universite bag is available in two sizes now: Small (17.5cm x 12cm x 7cm) for USD1,750 and Large (25cm x 17.5cm x17.5cm) for USD1,990.

Images are courtesy of Saint Laurent

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Saint Laurent Paris, YSL

Fendi Petite 3 Jours – Size Does Matter

 Fendi 3 Jours MiniFendi 3 Jours Petite Shearling

I have to admit that I never really liked the Fendi 3 Jours in the original size. Other than letting go of some extra space, I believe that the mini / small / petite size of the Fendi 3 Jours is a complete and improved overhaul of its original size counterpart. Price of the full leather version starts from USD2,550 while the one with fur shearling-handle starts from USD2,800. With yet another bag like this in its line-up, Fendi is sure to continue raking in handbag Dollars that is getting harder and harder to get as the day goes by.

Images are courtesy of Saks

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Chanel Candy Bag and Milk Box Minaudiere

Chanel Milk Box MinaudiereChanel Milkbox Minaudiere SGD6850

Chanel Candy Bag SGD12770 2 Chanel Candy Bag SGD18,940 Chanel Candy Bag SGD12770

Chanel’s literal take on the term arm candy is hitting a new heights, both in term of how irresistible they look and the unbelievable price tags. The Candy bag, made of lambskin and PVC with artistic embroidery starts from SGD12,770 to SGD18,940. They surely make the SGD6,850 (metallic goatskin) and SGD7,000 (snakeskin) Minaudieres look like a must-buy deal this season.

Images are courtesy of Chanel

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Chanel Basket

Chanel Basket SGD17660

Remember the statement pieces like the Hoop bag or the Lego clutch that Chanel made last year and the year before? This year we have a basket. Not any basket, of course, because a basket does not usually come with calfskin interlace and CC trick dangling, or a price tag of SGD17,660. No I did not accidentally add any digit to the price tag. You should have known by now how much a statement piece from Chanel costs. Where can you possibly bring this to? Bake some muffins and bring them in it to one of your ladies’ lunches. That’s what it should do – statement baking.

Image is courtesy of Chanel

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