Giorgio Armani Runway Flap Bag

Giorgio Armani Runway Bag

When it comes to It bags, Giorgio Armani might not have been the first place to look for one. Sleek suits and glamorous evening gowns have dominated the brand’s product catalog for so long, the probability of an Armani bag making headline is way less than Merryl Streep not getting an Oscar nomination in any role she plays.

I first came across this structured, gorgeous, sleek looking top handle GA bag last month on a magazine and could not stop thinking about it. The bag was first seen on the Armani Fall 2014 fashion show and it was spotted carried by quite a number of bonafide Spring 2015 fashion week attendees last month.

Besides the large Kelly-like option, the bag is also available in smaller boxy shape and shoulder bag option. Price is USD1,640 for the small boxy and shoulder bag and USD2,005 for the large one. I think this bag has a very good potential to be a GA classic piece. With a few tuning such as adding on shoulder strap and making them in more color and size options, we might just see the emergence of a Giorgio Armani signature bag.

Image is courtesy of Giorgio Armani

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Giorgio Armani

Burberry Dewsbury Grain Leather Tote Bag

Burberry Dewsbury Grain Leather Bag

This might just be the least Burberry-looking Burberry bag that I like the most this year. I have seen the bag in person in black, red and grey and this blue one is just equally stunning. The design is of a rather odd shape, not too odd to make it weird looking and odd enough to make it somewhat unique yet still classic. Measuring 34cm with a detachable shoulder strap, I think this is a strong candidate for a subtle everyday bag from a rather unusual suspect, which is still an established brand. Price is USD1,695 at Reebonz.com now and there is only one piece left. If you miss it, head to Burberry store for other colors available.

Image is courtesy of Reebonz.com.

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Celine Belt Bag in Size Small

Celine Belt Bag Small

The Celine Belt bag seems to demand to be acknowledged. While the original size of the bag is a little big in general, the small size seems to be just right. I had the liberty to try on this bag recently and I have to say that while I still marginally prefer the feel of the over-popular Trapeze and Small Trapeze, the Belt bag feels as solid as its older sister. The bag looks overall more casual and it is meant to be look that way. Out of the many versions Celine have come up with, nothing comes as adorable and desirable as this camel color option with fuchsia trimming and lining version. Price is EUR1,600 in Europe now. Yes, the bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap, in case you wonder.

Image is courtesy of Celine

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Valentino Elephant and Unicorn Buckle Bag

Valentino Elephant Buckle Box Bag Inside Valentino Elephant Buckle Box Bag

The fantasy inspired theme is clearly running throughout the Valentino Fall/Winter 14-15 collection because there are elephant and unicorn buckles on this very Valentino bag. Just in case you wonder why elephant and unicorns, I am not very sure myself but I know that back in the late 1980s and early 1990s, animals were once very popular design element for European fashion labels, including Valentino. It is therefore, quite easy to mistake this vintage looking box bag as a vintage piece itself. Isn’t this bag just wonderful to admire? Price is USD2,230 which makes it a very good alternative to the popular Celine Box or Hermes Constance bag.

Images are courtesy of Valentino

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Gucci Daily Bamboo Flap Bag

Gucci Leather Top Handle Bag Bamboo BagGucci Daily Bamboo Bag SmallGucci Top Handle Bamboo Lining

If Gucci were to make a Kelly bag then this is it. Fresh from the Resort 2015 collection, this is a Gucci bag I feel so strongly for in a long time. The bag is available in two sizes – small (27.5cm) for EUR1,350 and large (41.5cm) for EUR1,900. The clean design and sleek structure of this bag, accentuated only by the iconic Gucci Bamboo turn-lock, makes this a classic darling. It is time for Gucci to reclaim the bag market that once it dominated alongside Louis Vuitton. If this is how Gucci bags will look from here on, I am sold! The only thing I think Gucci might need to do for commercial success is to make a medium size of this bag at around 30cm-33cm, which is the most popular size for ladies’ handbags.

Images are courtesy of Gucci

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Tod’s D-Cube Shopping Bag

Tods D-Cube Medium Shopping 1925 Tods D-Cube Small Shopping 1765

Have you been feeling love for Tod’s bags lately? You are not the only one and just in case you wonder why, it is probably all the doings of Tod’s current Creative Director, Alessandra Facchinetti who assumed the post earlier this year. I have been feeling love for the D-Cube bowlers and now the shopping bag got my attention too. After not so good mark at Gucci and Valentino, Alessandra Facchinetti seems to have found her home at Tod’s. When the bag is this good, it is about time success follows. The D-Cube shopping bag is available in two sizes – small (31.5cm) and medium (35cm). Price is USD1,765 and USD1,925 for small and medium, respectively.

Images are courtesy of Tod’s

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Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Men’s Bags I Want

Louis Vuitton Bags Spring Summer 2015 1Louis-Vuitton-Spring-2015-Mens-Accessories-4

The genius Mr Kim Jones of Louis Vuitton made at least two bags I really really want. Look at how luscious those bags are in the buttery soft leather, lined and trimmed with none other than the house’s iconic Monogram Canvas. These babies will hit retail only early next year. I estimate the prices will run around USD5,000.

Images are courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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