Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Zip

Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable Zip

The one bag I am pleasantly surprised has not reached the It status til date is the Balenciaga Le Dix Cartable. Surprised because I can see its potential to be loved by fashionistas, pleased because I love this bag so much, I don’t want it to be everywhere. If the Le Dix reminds you of Hermes Kelly, it is obvious that all the resemblances are there but edgier and more practical, especially in the largest size, called the Le Dix Cartable Zip, which certainly comes with a zip compartment. Price is EUR1,575 in Europe, a very reasonable price tag for a bag that looks way more expensive than it is.

Image is courtesy of Balenciaga

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Burberry Tote – The Good, The Really Good and The Questionable Bags

Burberry Leather ToteBurberry Alligator ToteBurberry Canvas with Alligator Trim Tote

From left:

The Good – Tan soft leather tote with the gorgeous signature check lining at SGD3,295. Quite pricey but still acceptable due to its classic design and vintage appeal.

The Really Good – Full Alligator skin tote in rich black with suede lining at jaw dropping SGD43,995. Definitely a statement piece that will probably will not sell until it goes on 70% end of season sale. Or unless you make six figures monthly and have undying love for Burberry bags.

The Questionable – Signature Burberry Check Canvas with alligator trimmings and suede lining at SGD23,995. Will anyone spend that amount on a canvas bag? I don’t see that many alligator skins around the bag either.

Images are courtesy of Burberry

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Michelle Williams for Louis Vuitton New Lockit

Louis Vuitton New Lockit - Michelle Williams

If you liked Michelle Williams as the last season’s face of Louis Vuitton, you are in for another season of treat. I have to say that she managed to infuse that much needed freshness into the brand with the last season’s campaign and again for SS2014 now. Styled by the legendary Carine Roitfeld and photographed by Peter Lindbergh, Michelle Williams are accompanied by the iconic Alma bag, Capucines and the newly revamped Lockit in the new Veau Cachemire leather. I am really digging the look of this new Lockit although it does resemble Chloe Baylee bag a little. There is still no information on the prices but judging by the prices of the newly launched Vuitton bags of late, it should start from around SGD5K.

Image is courtesy of Louis Vuitton

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Lady Gaga for Versace Signature Bag

Lady Gaga for Versace

I love collaborations and synergies that result in tremendous improvements for the parties involved. Versace and Lady Gaga seem to be match made in heaven. For one, Lady Gaga’s style has become a lot more sophisticated instead of loud and Versace’s appeal appears more current than old. I love Versace and have always rooted for its come back. After all, my first love affair with an Italian designer is with a pair of Versace Couture Jeans at the age of 12. The house needs a signature bag in order to push that bottom line up and this new Signature bag seems to be swaying the house in the right direction. The Signature bag is available in three sizes – Mini, Small and Large. Price starts from EUR1,280. If your wardrobe has been filled with the likes of classic Chanel, Celine and Hermes (yawn…) for the past few seasons, time to glam it up with some Versace.

Image is courtesy of Versace

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Nina Ricci Marche Bag

Nina Ricci Marche 2Nina Ricci Marche3

Last year we had our first look of the Nina Ricci Marche bag, which I remember I was really fond of. A year later, the bag has not hit it status but it has somehow become a mini icon among fashion inner circles and I somehow prefer this to another it bag. The Marche is now available in four sizes – large, medium, small and mini and has been made in numerous variations ever since. It will also be available on custom made service where you could choose your own color and skin combo. There is no detail about this service yet but stay tune to find out more. Meanwhile, the readily available option starts from USD1,700. Now, if you would excuse me, let me go oggle the croco beauty in purple.

Image is courtesy of Nina Ricci

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Prada Double Bag

Prada Double Bag Prada Double Bag 2

Style is probably not the center attention for this new Prada Double Bag. Instead, attention to detail, material quality and functionality are and when all these three are in place, style is naturally there too. Prada seems to be upping its game when it comes to cementing its bags as classic staples instead of just seasonal trendy pieces. With this in mind, quality and craftsmanship are of utmost importance besides evergreen design. Does the new Prada Double Bag look like a classic piece material to you? Price is EUR1,800 in Italy and SGD3,940 in Singapore.

Images are courtesy of Prada

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Louis Vuitton Montaigne

Louis Vuitton Montaigne MM

Louis Vuitton Montaigne Monogram Canvas

Pardon me for disappearing for almost a month. With intense travel over the past one month, I have been too tired to get awed by the existing beautiful bags in the market (that is another way of saying that I look forward to newly designed bags from the next season). Speaking of travel, Louis Vuitton always comes to mind and until we have Nicolas Ghesquiere’s new creations in the stores, let’s have a look at one of the newer, less known nevertheless gorgeous bag in their selection.

The Montaigne might just be Louis Vuitton’s answer to the widely popular Prada Galleria and Fendi 2Jours. Named after Paris’ prestigious shopping street (also my favorite), the bag carries all the attributes that we adore from both the Prada Galleria and Fendi 2Jours. The Montaigne is available in 3 sizes – BB (which is the mini crossbody), MM and GM and is made in both Monogram Canvas and Monogram Empreinte. Price starts from EUR1,490 for the BB size in Monogram Canvas to EUR2,300 for the GM size in Monogram Empreinte. Whether you like or hate logo bags, you have to admit that the Monogram Canvas bags are among the best for travel use, don’t you?

Images are courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

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